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Jersey Mike's 72+ Points Account (1x Free Regular Sub, Sub-in-a-Tub, Wrap)

Redeem your points for the following!:

NOTE: These are not stackable. You can only use 1 account per transaction


  1. Download Jersey Mike's Subs app
  2. Log in with account provided, then tap on the "Shore Points" option
  3. While ordering, simply show the cashier your QR code
  4. Enjoy the food :)

NOTE: Some locations only let you redeem 144 Points max per purchase! If your location does this, just ask cashier to split your subs into multiple transactions so you can use up all your points.

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  • If you decide to use the product 2 weeks after purchase & balance is bad, that's on you.

  • We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, ONLY replacements.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure this item will work at your store, not ours. We are only responsible for the product having correct balance

  • If we have ANY reason to believe you might be lying to us, we have the right to refuse to replace your item. Get your story straight

  • PayPal Chargeback = Automatic Store Blacklist, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have issues, contact support.

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